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Me and Us

Chaos can be regarded as extremely good news. It can be likened to the labor pains that announce an impending birth.  The swirling push/pull of chaos can be really unsettling and scary in our daily lives with all its unknowns. But this building of energy announces a time of expansion, opportunities, innovation, epiphanies and new realities on the horizon. When life gets chaotic, we get busy and take things to the next level in whatever area applies; our relationships, technology, finances, workplace, home, family, government, schools, etc.

With our full moon this week, we have many factors representing swirling push/pull energies. zencatsThe Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars are all in Aries, symbolizing independence and action. They oppose the Full Moon in Libra, an emotional need for balance, justice and partnering. With this set up the “me/us” dynamic is in the spotlight. The energies of Jupiter (expansion and truth), Pluto (power and transformation), Chiron (healing wounds and insecurities) and Saturn (structure and form) also contribute to the swirling mix. Are you feeling labor pains? Are you seeing these energies playing out right in front of you. We all are, personally and globally.

It does make for a great time of learning since we learn more about ourselves through our relating with others than any other way. And by others, I mean people, things, animals and resources. 

Its also a great time to gather the chaotic energies into focused levels of constructive thought, feelings, words and actions, which in turn births them into structured form and reality. Happy birthing! There’s a cigar waiting, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Relationship Dynamics workshop to be announced soon. Watch Calendar page for more info.

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Comments on: "Me and Us" (5)

  1. Mattie Coll said:

    Thanks for sending this out. It perfectly matches how things look right now for my friends and I.

  2. imaginationasconnection said:

    Yes! I really like this one! Looks like your “dip” into the chaos was enriching! Welcome back!! Off to unemployment office, though I have applied for a couple jobs………….. We’ll see! Let me know if you are still wanting to exchange , and have time available…………… Peace, Love, Light and Understanding!! Rita Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 22:49:25 +0000 To:

  3. I am always excited to learn more. Seeing the possibilities in black and white helps me.

    Thank you.

  4. Great touch!
    Love and light to all of you!

  5. Sharon Anderson said:

    This was great, it explained everything that we
    talked about, allowed Katlyn to hear it in your
    Words so we were able to discuss up. It is amazing how you put into words what both her and I are feeling. It really made the ahhh moment for us both. We both are so happy that we crossed paths with you, Katlyn 3 summers ago at camp with Miss Sara, when she was feeling like the only person who felt things after moving from South Florida, then you and I at Crystal Connection when everything was in overdrive for me. What is also wonderful about your Blog a person who doesn’t feel like us or is hiding it from the world can read your blog and learn how great the universe is and how the moon and alignment of the plants effect us all
    Blessing to you always
    Sharon and Katlyn

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