Using Your Inner Sixth Sense Makes the Most Sense

What’s Best For Me?

Workshop: What About Me? in Tallahassee, FL on September 19thdna-double-helix

Enjoy this fascinating information from the Human Design System which will boost your Self-Awareness in a new way. Bring your curiosity and questions because we each dance to the beat of a different drum. And how things work best for you is different than for the next guy. Learn how you are creatively wired to function at your best, at the top of your game, personally and professionally. Learn about your children also and be able to guide them like the best parent ever!

For more information or to register, email by September 17th

Join us Saturday, September 19th, 10am – 1pm, $40, at the Abundance Wellness Center, 325 John Knox Rd. #1, Tallahassee, FL  32303

Guiding Unique Children

Each of our children (as well as ourselves) is creatively designed to be unique. This can make it a real challenge to know how to guide them. “One size fits all” does not apply here!  We all want them to be happy, have self-esteem, know how to make safe, appropriate decisions, find the right friends, form the best partnerships and be successful in their endeavors. But because they each “dance to the beat of a different drum”, we parents, often wish they came with their own manual and set of instructions.

Knowing your child’s Human Design can help!  Hal-le-lu-jah!

AlignFocusWithSolutionIf you’d like to know more, I’d love to help you. Young people hold a special place in my heart. And knowing your child’s particular blueprint is an essential key for you. It will boost your confidence as a parent while guiding your child toward lifelong successful interactions. This multi-faceted system of physical and spiritual elements opens awareness into the workings of their creative wiring, so to speak, and gives solid and practical information on how to steer them toward thriving as a unique individual and fulfilling their purpose in this world.

Your work is important. My respect to you and happy parenting!

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Like a Rose in Bloom

Forget about struggling to be someone else. Relax into your authentic self and allow your Soul to gently emerge like a rose coming into full bloom. Rose+Wonders+2012+(1)

Trust Me

Man, how many times have we heard those two words? I got to the place where they translated into “Run, Forest, Run!”.

So who can you trust? family, spouse, doctor, friend, neighbor? Can we trust our self?

Trust, just like Love, …if its to be of any help whatsoever, has to be an inside job. We are intelligently created with an internal guidance system built right into our core. Its part of who we are and how we’re put together. The trick is to get in the habit of listening to it (instead of our wounded self or any opinion).

For some of us its an intuitive knowing that doesn’t necessarily seem logical but then later we wish we’d followed it. For some its a gut response. And for others a feeling: something may feel off, unsettling, uncomfortable, etc. 

The more we pay attention to our core sensory guidance, the more we realize we can trust it, trust our self. And that’s liberating.    

It is good to know you, its vital in fact. Do you appreciate you? After all, you can be you better than anyone else.

Its helpful to check in now and then with yourself. Rethink your strategies, your message. Are you living in your highest way possible, the way that aligns with your ideals, values and your truth? Or are there areas you would like to upgrade? You can do that. Take a look at the state of mind and emotions you’re living in. Do you have destructive judgements about yourself? Did those come from you or actually someone else? Tulips

When we depend on the input of others in order to feel good about our self or our contribution, we’re giving away our own power. In this way the real truth of our being gets covered up, hiding our light under a bushel so to speak. Its helpful to ask if our beliefs or opinions come from childhood, school times or interactions with the world and are they held in place for no particular reasons. If so, we can drop those because they don’t really belong to us anyway. They belonged to someone else and we merely picked them up for a time.

We absolutely deserve to love and appreciate our individuality. We’re here for a reason and we can let the vision, possibilities, purpose and uniqueness that we carry shine!



Listen Within

May 2015 is a particularly important time to be alert to the glimpses we are intuitively receiving about the results of forming certain connections, associations, friendships and networks that assist our movements forward. When obstacles threaten to restrict workrelationshipsour expansion, growth, transformation, blossoming, these encouraging glimpses will be important to hold onto. Our inner sixth sense, our inner wisdom doesn’t come from logic. Its at our core and is a dependable guidance system if we pay attention, listen within. 


Easy to Rationalize

The energies this week may have us reflecting on the past. In fact, we may even want to “sugar coat” it to make it more palatable and easier to promote. We may feel pulled to find excuses for bad behavior or rationalize the mistakes and tragedies from the past. As we emerge into greater awareness of our truest nature, two things are very important. 1. Forgiveness. And 2. Break the conditioned patterns that are causing these cycles.

These two will bring us the freedom to be our highest expression of purpose and fulfillment. If you would like an appointment to work on these issues, I would love to hear from you. Contact

Endings and completions are happening all around us and within us. These push us into new, un-charted territories. As Earth adventures, we can’t be “asleep at the wheel”, we are entrusted with evolution. Each of us has a role to play, a unique individual role with unique individual approaches, strengths and gifts that add to the whole family of man.  

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 14 degrees Libra put in play the energy of change with balance, harmony and win/win solutions.

photo by Eggybird

photo by Eggybird

Listen to yourself, your intuitive self, for that is the call of your Soul. Breathe the harmony within.

Be Careful

Energy is neutral, neither good or bad. But what we do with it, how we use it can get crazy, or crazy-making, especially when we respond from our wounded self. Aries represents the identity or self; it brings up the questions, “Who am I?” and “What about me?”

We are all being challenged with Venus, Mars, South Node and Uranus in Aries. Not to mention Uranus and Mars are conjunct and squaring Pluto. Mercy! Be conscious of your highest, humor filled self and move, speak and do from that place to use this energy beneficially. Give yourself and others space. And be careful; use caution, awareness, alertness as you speak, think, walk, run and drive this week (and month actually).

Oh the Pressure!

As intense pressure builds, big breakthroughs are being birthed. Well that’s a bit of a tongue twister but intense pressure is everywhere, especially through March. What good is it? Its waking us from our dulled senses, pushing us into finding and creating positive, innovative solutions and requiring a willingness to let go of our own fears and stumbling blocks.

Definitely labor intensive, but worth it.



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