Using Your Sixth Sense Makes the Most Sense

Be Careful

Energy is neutral, neither good or bad. But what we do with it, how we use it can get crazy, or crazy-making, especially when we respond from our wounded self. Aries represents the identity or self; it brings up the questions, “Who am I?” and “What about me?”

We are all being challenged with Venus, Mars, South Node and Uranus in Aries. Not to mention Uranus and Mars are conjunct and squaring Pluto. Mercy! Be conscious of your highest, humor filled self and move, speak and do from that place to use this energy beneficially. Give yourself and others space. And be careful; use caution, awareness, alertness as you speak, think, walk, run and drive this week (and month actually).

Oh the Pressure!

As intense pressure builds, big breakthroughs are being birthed. Well that’s a bit of a tongue twister but intense pressure is everywhere, especially through March. What good is it? Its waking us from our dulled senses, pushing us into finding and creating positive, innovative solutions and requiring a willingness to let go of our own fears and stumbling blocks.

Definitely labor intensive, but worth it.



Know there is a natural brilliance of Light within you to radiate brightly into the world in your own delightful, colorful way. Let it shine!  fireworks

Getting Out of My Head

One of the best ways to get out of my own way is to get out of my head. My mind isn’t the place to make great decisions anyway. (I hear some of you laughing.) Actually, its where data is stored and some of that data isn’t even my thinking but the way I’ve been conditioned to think by well meaning (and not so well meaning) others down through the years.

If you tend to think, think, think, analyze the pros and cons, weigh a decision back and forAnotherStoragUnitth and turn it over and over in your mind you wind up with confusion and stress. No solution. The area where data is stored actually is not the same place where optimal decisions are made. Different place, different function. 

Getting out of the head, the storage center, and being a part of life is the first step toward good decision making.  Walk, run stretch, exercise, mingle, laugh with friends and co-workers, connect with life, appreciate good food, pet an animal, step in a mud puddle, etc.

Once out of the head, we begin to notice the rest of the body. The solution, answer or decision we’re looking for could be in a gut feeling, a quick flash of insight or waiting in the calm after high and low waves of charged emotions subside.

It’s more fun and more productive Not spending life in the storage unit. Let’s try getting out more.



If we’re feeling an intense insecurity this week all-rights-reserved-by-sam-chernin-flipped.jpga couple of heavenly factors could be contributing. Consciously or unconsciously we can feel the energy building to a New Moon in Cancer, which is a very feeling oriented sign; home, family, relationships. And Jupiter is square the nodes of the Moon (again with the Moon, those darn financial, physical and emotional issues). As we know, a New Moon points to new beginnings and in our sense of home, families and security most of us can use a reset button right now. A word of caution, though, with Pluto in Capricorn, sitting in opposition, we have to experience the intense, deep feelings that pave the path to our precious new level of awareness. Honor this expansion process with a full heart. 

Now Counts!

You can daydream about yesterday and tomorrow.

all rights reserved

all rights reserved

But Today you can live, laugh, listen, love, dance, sing, write, paint, skip and in general create ripples of kindness and joy that move across the planet.

Now is our currency and how we spend it counts.

Crystal Energy

And a child shall lead them. Earth Torus

Time to Reassess!

This is a particularly long Mercury retrograde; 24 days from  June 7th  to July 1st. Mercy! Related to communications, electrical workings and much of our conscious everyday activities, a Mercury retrograde can play havoc for many of us. Our plans, commitments, contracts, messages, schedules, cars, computers and anything electrical can require careful thought and attention during this period. It is however a great time to take stock in where you are and where you want to be and Re-assess.   Rainbow Owl

Take stock of who you project yourself to be and does that align with your truth? What kind of work are you devoting your life to and does that fit with your heart’s desire and inner knowing? Do you treat others the way you would like to be treated? How is guilt, blame and shame working for you?

When it is time to move forward again, we need to know if we are living in alignment with our core being. Know our splendid unique selves and be that. 

Re-assess, Re-adjust and Re-align.

I love it. “Open up your heart and let the sun shine in.” Actually Jupiter IS aligned today with Mars; they are right together at 6 degrees Cancer (home, family, security). And we have a full moon in Aquarius today with our next full moon also in Aquarius (rebel with a cause to make the world a better place). Two consecutive full moons in the same sign don’t happen very often. Bottom line, no matter what kind of “shake up” is hitting the fan, strive to stay balanced, centered and in heart-alignment. Be the Peace.

This summer is a journey through our feelings. Have you already noticed that?

Today is a New Moon in Cancer along with Jupiter and Mercury (retrograde) with Mars soon joining the group.  Mercury retrograde in this sign highlights unresolved feelings which are rooted in the past; home, family and childhood. If we didn’t feel safe, protected, loved and/or nurtured it could definitely show up now.

New Moon energy is about new beginnings; how do we want to live as we move forward. Going into blame and shame over what showed up from the past would be a waste of good energy. All of this activity in Cancer forms a grand water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. In other words, a little effort will go a long way toward what we want to forgive, heal and release. After all, the ego screws up a lot and whether we’re forgiving ourselves or someone else, its an important gift to give ourselves. It keeps the body, heart and mind from filling up with toxins, disease and obstructions. Radiant Heart

Jupiter is the archetype for expansion, belief systems and higher learning and Jupiter will be in Cancer for a year. This brings an expanding energy that breaks through restrictions, in this case, as they apply to family, feelings, nurture, love and security. Pray, meditate, delve into who you really are, that pure essence of your being.  Love your self, breathe it in through every pour and know that it is yours always. And allow this higher Love to expand within you until it leaves no room for old scripts, pain and anger. 

You can also expand self-love and nurture by putting a couple of pictures of yourself, ages 3 to 5 is good, around the house so that when you see them you can take a moment just to say “I appreciate you” or give yourself encouragement or a heartfelt smile. Doing this every day can prompt healing shifts in your thought, feelings and physical health that are powerful and life transforming.

This is really about making peace, instead of war, and it starts within.

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