Hi! You’ve probably found me through launching your beverly2heartfelt energetic wave out into the universe. And I’m glad you did.
If any of the sessions below resonate with you but you’ve never worked with me before and would like to get to know me a bit first, you can schedule a short free consultation by clicking the link below. Other sessions listed below are 30 minutes for $75 and 60 minutes for $120.
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~Answers, Guidance or Spiritual Counseling – Need answers to what’s weighing heavily on your heart and mind? This session can include guidance, direction, clearing, path, relationship compatibility, dreams, connecting with your higher self, etc. Its up to you. Would you like to shift unconscious habits that don’t support your well being? Awaken your self-worth, strength, joy and stability?
~Astrology – This is an ancient language of energies, patterns and cycles. An Intuitive Astrology session can help clients personally and professionally. I interpret a variety of charts: Natal, Transits, Progressions, Solar Arc, Relationship, Relocation and Solar Returns.
~Mediumship – Communication with loved ones who have crossed over is restorative to heart and mind. Who would you like to connect with?
~Pet Communication – I bridge the communication gap between you and your pet to facilitate answers, resolution and care.