TeleClass: How Are You Wired For Business?

March 20, 2018, 7-8pm EDT, How Are You Wired For Business? with Q&A and Recorded for Replay – $15

Which business approach works best for you, for your success? The one that matches your individual design. You aren’t just like everyone else. In this TeleClass discover what your Human Design Type, Authority and Profile reveals as your perfect energetic fit, how to use your energy wisely for the biggest bang for your buck and your fulfillment. I hope you’ll join us.

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Start With Who You Are

There is a strong focus on what we do. When meeting new people one of the first questions asked is “And what do you do?”. Many people struggle with the pressure of what to do. “What should I be doing to earn money?  What’s my purpose? I’d like to be of service but doing what?”
feminineenergyenlargedHave you become stuck at that point? If so, there’s a simple reason. Its because you’ve gotten the cart before the horse, old expression. In other words, what you do is secondary to who you really are, an extension of expressing your authentic self. That’s our starting point. Clarifying who you are, your genius, energy structure, decision making method, your own natural rhythms, spirit human connection and so on, are paramount. Confidence in who you are allows you to function in a naturally supported creative flow and outcome. Being the full expression of who you are IS your contribution.
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Can You Push Through Burnout?

If you’ve reached burnout and your body or emotions are screaming at you, Sacred Geometrydon’t try sweeping it under the rug or pushing it aside hoping to keep going. There is no cheating burnout. It happens for a reason. So stop! And listen. While you’re quietly listening, take the time to relax, sleep, heal, regenerate. Raise your energy frequency by letting yourself enjoy life, beauty, music, laughter, playing and movement. On both a Spiritual level and a quantum energy level, these higher frequencies will bring you back into alignment with the Law of Love. This holds infinite possibilities. Let yourself expand beyond limiting beliefs, feel new possibilities, dare to play with the ideas and start again, maybe with a new direction and definitely with a renewed heart.


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Info Overload

We’re liunnamedving in a time where our knowledge is being stretched to include what we thought was impossible. As important as these new understandings are, they are often overwhelming and overstimulating to the nervous system. Pace yourself. To avoid meltdown, slow down. Take a manageable bite, chew it, sit with it, process it gently. (Rinse and repeat).

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The Fullness

Heart of FireThis month we’ve been prompted to notice where we are spread too thin and use opportunities to simplify and re-balance. Maybe you’ve noticed the incentive to clear out old limiting beliefs. The timing is right to find our peace and growth from the past and align with our true heart’s desire for the present. We must rearrange our lives to be in sync with our higher selves and inner most values. Building toward Saturday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, the punctuation is on our fullness of clarity, a cleaner sense of truth and the creative self-expression that resonates with our true passion. Our collective energy will clear the way for our new creations to grow and blossom and bless.

Guidance for Success

Sacred-33We all want success in one way or another and not only for ourselves but for our children. Can you imagine learning what your success keys are and how to use them? They are right there in your own wiring and individual to you. Once you have this information, its a life changer.

One size does not fit all because we are each unique. Each of us is energetically designed at the DNA level for different function, needs, purpose and delivery. Want to know your design for succeeding? Or your child’s? It’s a powerful tool!


Mercury and Mars are currently both retrograde, making this a great time to focus on introspection, inner work and the resulting awareness and insights for taking action when the time is right. Initiating physical action this week could leave you singing with Mick Jagger, “I can’t get no satisfaction”.  (Mercury turns direct May 22nd and Mars on June 29th)

Also, energy is building toward a New Moon this Friday at 16 degrees Taurus (3:29pm EDT). This stimulates focus on personal resources, money and possessions, who and what we value, our creativity and our sense of self-worth. The cosmos_meditation_by_unabku-d6t5rgdstage is definitely set for inner work on these things.

This Taurus New Moon forms a grand earth trine with Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Take time to be outside, sit on the ground and let your electromagnetic energies balance, get in rhythm with the earth, dig your toes into the dirt, feel and breathe deeply these grounding energies. We need the added stability as we face changes and uncertainties that are going on personally and globally.


Break Free From Self Limitation

Break FreeDon’t want to repeat the past? Identify the limiting pattern. Don’t rationalize it. Interrupt it. Break it! Let it go and start fresh.

Have the courage to listen within. Honor your higher guidance to say “no” when you’re heart says “no” and “yes” when your heart sings “yes”.

 After all, life is an adventure.

Energy Wise

The energies we experience this week may feel deeply personal as we are pushed to acknowledge aspects that are beyond our control. Power and control are not the same thing and the energy full moonpresent is guiding us to embrace one and release the other. Releasing, setting free, letting go and clearing space to make room for what’s next, is an important theme at this time. You may notice a strong guidance to break free of old limiting beliefs, unproductive childhood conditioning and restrictive relationships. We are experiencing a drive to acknowledge the true from the false and fully express the powerful truth of who we are. Internally and/or externally this week, we’ll notice that the feminine and masculine are not seeing eye to eye. Its not competition that brings progress but rather coherence, a working together in supportive, laser like focus.
The energy building toward our Full Moon in Scorpio, which is down right intense this week, may take some of us through dark and difficult experiences. But setting intentions for renewal, transformation and soul growth we can rise from the ashes with newness and strength like a Phoenix.

Higher Self vs Wounded Self

Heart of FirePeople’s opinions and criticisms are often hard to take. But stepping back from the emotional charge of taking things personally, enables us to stay in our power, discern truth or insights that prove useful, and continue to confidently contribute from our higher happier purposeful self.