December 3rd: Upcoming Class in Tallahassee, FL

By meditation you will get peace and your mind will refresh. To know about meditation process Call Mr Ssharad Thakar on +91 9819119755 or Email on sharad41us@yahoo.com

Techniques for Moving and Managing Energy – Being in the world but not at its mercy. This is an interactive class with practical application of energy techniques. If you’re in the Tallahassee area, I hope you’ll join us.

December 3, 2017 Sunday afternoon, 1pm – 4pm, $25, Register: beverlylavender@gmail.com.


Individual Sessions –  Links to schedule and pay are below

Clear, Heal, Restore, Create – Looking to heal your life? Using past life regression (PLR) for a lifetime relevant to your current issues and adding higher self communication, we get crucial keys to clear, release & restore. Your Soul connection provides insight, opening mind, heart, body and spirit allowing a transformation in what you create in your present and future experiences. $120

Rockwell Self-Esteem2You and Your Quest This session is open to your questions, goals and needs. Answers may come as recognized patterns, purpose and path, understanding the meaning behind something. Or discover your energetic blueprint and how to find or create success and fulfillment. We can look at your personal, spiritual, intuitive and/or professional aspects. A 30 Minute Session is $80, an Hour is $120.

Private Mentoring Program –  Are you wanting to lift cosmos_meditation_by_unabku-d6t5rgdyour life to a higher level? With one-to-one mentoring, we’ll dive into your own natural strengths; energies, intuition, talents, abilities.  You’ll find your self-worth, confidence and give yourself permission to achieve happiness and success being exactly who you are. What would you like to know? What would you like to explore, develop and accomplish? With proven tools, we’ll go there. Call 850-321-4901  


MediumshipCommunication with friends and family who have crossed over.  30 Minute Session – $80 




Pet CommunicationBridging the communication gap to find answers when your pet is in distress.   30 Minute Session – $80


calendarimageClick Here to Schedule   

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Click for $120 Session 

Contact:  850-321-4901  or  beverlylavender@gmail.com

beverly2Hi, I’m Beverly Lavender, a 3rd generation Spirit Communicator and Energy Intuitive; Medium, Channel and Teacher. My metaphysical training started at age 6 along with practical application. Our wholeness and success is a healthy integration of our authentic mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self, “authentic” being the key. Sessions can include Past life regression, Meet and Work with your higher self, Consciousness Techniques, Clearing unhealthy attachments, Energy Work, Mediumship and Channeled message from Divine Realm.  

Self Care is getting the assistance you need when you need it and its how you can be the best version of yourself. When you have compassion and respect for all life, does that mean for yourself too? Did you know you are loved beyond measure and carry within you unique gifts and a purpose? No one else is designed exactly like you. Let’s celebrate that. If you have questions about how I work and how we may work together, I invite you to schedule a free consultation.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Shana

    Thank you so much for your help when my dog was injured! You gave me and my family peace of mind and I know that without your energy channeling him, our little Muggzy wouldn’t be with us today.

  2. Lori


    Thank you so much for assisting me when my nephew disappeared. Knowing he is now safe meant all the comfort in the world to all of his family. Your gift is very special and amazing.


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