From Intense Insecurity to New Awareness

If we’re feeling an intense insecurity this week all-rights-reserved-by-sam-chernin-flipped.jpga couple of heavenly factors could be contributing. Consciously or unconsciously we can feel the energy building to a New Moon in Cancer, which is a very feeling oriented sign; home, family, relationships. And Jupiter is square the nodes of the Moon (again with the Moon, those darn financial, physical and emotional issues). As we know, a New Moon points to new beginnings and in our sense of home, families and security most of us can use a reset button right now. A word of caution, though, with Pluto in Capricorn, sitting in opposition, we have to experience the intense, deep feelings that pave the path to our precious new level of awareness. Honor this expansion process with a full heart. 

2 thoughts on “From Intense Insecurity to New Awareness

  1. majuone says:

    Thank you Beverly, what I have been feeling is not being able to sleep or sit still, feeling I must do something. I welcome the new moon with a full heart

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