Getting Out of My Head

One of the best ways to get out of my own way is to get out of my head. My mind isn’t the place to make great decisions anyway. (I hear some of you laughing.) Actually, its where data is stored and some of that data isn’t even my thinking but the way I’ve been conditioned to think by well meaning (and not so well meaning) others down through the years.

If you tend to think, think, think, analyze the pros and cons, weigh a decision back and forAnotherStoragUnitth and turn it over and over in your mind you wind up with confusion and stress. No solution. The area where data is stored actually is not the same place where optimal decisions are made. Different place, different function. 

Getting out of the head, the storage center, and being a part of life is the first step toward good decision making.  Walk, run stretch, exercise, mingle, laugh with friends and co-workers, connect with life, appreciate good food, pet an animal, step in a mud puddle, etc.

Once out of the head, we begin to notice the rest of the body. The solution, answer or decision we’re looking for could be in a gut feeling, a quick flash of insight or waiting in the calm after high and low waves of charged emotions subside.

It’s more fun and more productive Not spending life in the storage unit. Let’s try getting out more.



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