Start With Who You Are

There is a strong focus on what we do. When meeting new people one of the first questions asked is “And what do you do?”. Many people struggle with the pressure of what to do. “What should I be doing to earn money?  What’s my purpose? I’d like to be of service but doing what?”
feminineenergyenlargedHave you become stuck at that point? If so, there’s a simple reason. Its because you’ve gotten the cart before the horse, old expression. In other words, what you do is secondary to who you really are, an extension of expressing your authentic self. That’s our starting point. Clarifying who you are, your genius, energy structure, decision making method, your own natural rhythms, spirit human connection and so on, are paramount. Confidence in who you are allows you to function in a naturally supported creative flow and outcome. Being the full expression of who you are IS your contribution.
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2 thoughts on “Start With Who You Are

  1. Beverly Lavender says:

    Thank you Majuone, I really appreciate that! If you feel like passing it along to others, you can click on the facebook icon under the post and share it with friends. Again thanks! 🙂

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