Meet Beverly


Beverly Lavender is an Intuitive Medium, Channel and Teacher. Her mother and grandfather who were both Spiritual Healers (American Indian side of the family), started her Metaphysical training when she was 6 years old. And often at night Jesus would appear and share healing words with Beverly. All of this felt quite natural to her and still does. Beverly walks with a foot in both worlds.

Later, Beverly added to her toolbox: Astrology, Quantum Energetics, Human Design, Relationship Dynamics, Working Meditation, Higher Self Integration and Soul Focus Hypnosis.

As a classroom teacher for 20 years, she taught “at risk students” through the Special Education Program and the Drop Out Prevention Program.

Now she facilitates private sessions and groups to expaChristmas2017nd consciousness, trigger remembering the true self and teach the “how to” for navigating changes with balance, stability, confidence and joy.