Creative Source is Love

118CropOur creative Source is Love and we are made in this likeness. Many of us don’t realize or maybe don’t remember that Love is our core nature and life force. However, we are sentient compassionate beings who came here with great purpose and carry great worth. 

Innovative Gifts and Ideas

Our current New Moon in Aquarius ushers in a cycle of taking risks to introduce or embrace new ideas and innovations. This includes walking our own unique path in life. As individuals our gifts, our ability to care about each other and to think outside the box is needed, and as a collective we can co-create a sustainable, abundant and joyful life for ourselves and future generations.

Of course, we have reasons to dwell on loss, disappointments and limitations of the past but it is debilitating and enslaving. Each of us is being challenged in many areas of life to sustain our emotional balance, compassion and hope. We will be called to rise to higher levels of our own spiritual nature as we focus on practical, progressive solutions.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Unexpected Inspiration

Wishing you Peace, Joy and loads of Blessings! Have you noticed a little more craziness this week thrown in with the normal holiday activity? The energy is always powerful spiritually, emotionally and physically at Christmas. Add to that the energy building all week toward a Full Moon in Cancer; feeling, family and security oriented which will peak Friday, Christmas Day. At the time of Full Moons we all seem to be rather full of ourselves. Also, Uranus (symbolizing “expect the unexpected”) has been making its station (energy building and magnifying) and goes direct on, you guessed it, Christmas Day. All of these energies are blending together like ingredients in a fine meal to be shared by many. Coming from a sense of adventure and holding to the Light of Love will enable us to embrace the inspiration that unfolds instead of participating in squabbles and drama.


Deep Intuitive Energy

ButterflyHeartWe each have a very deep and powerful intuitive energy and when we know how to tune into it, we gain access to our authentic inner truth. Its not found in circles and circles of thinking. We begin to find it by listening to the core of our being, feeling our music and rhythm, the voice of our soul.

You are More

You know you are made of skin, bone, blood and muscle, what you see and touch. Body of Light

The key is to remember you are also made of Light, which is your life force of love, healing and expanded abilities.

The more you acknowledge and embrace this about yourself, the more your DNA lights up with connections, you resonate with higher frequencies and break through limitations. 

What an adventure!


Tarot: An Ancient Art to Expand Intuition

Many tools can be used to trigger and expand our intuition. TwoOfCupsAnd Tarot is a great one since it includes all the archetypes of personal growth and life experiences. We always have fun and gain inspiration in these classes (which lowers stress as we move closer to the holidays). I hope you can come and bring friends for learning, laughter and Light. Also bring your card deck. If you don’t have one yet, look for one that resonates with you, seems to fit your personality and energy. You can get them at Barnes & Noble or order them from and probably Amazon.

Tarot Class in Tallahassee – Nov 8, 2015, 2-4pm, $20
Text: Tarot-Plain and Simple (order from Amazon)
For more info or to register, email:



Intuitive Readings

Treat yourself to an Intuitive Reading this weekend for half price.

Its for a good cause and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll love it. The Higher Realms have CultivateIntuitionwonderful things to share with you like solutions to overcoming obstacles and blind spots, or possibly your soul lessons, life path and how you’re particularly designed. Or you may want to hear from a loved one who has passed or communicate with your pet who is having a hard time with something.

I would love to help you, and your reading will help me raise money for my sweet puppy dog’s much needed surgery. Sophi and I will both be grateful. Click the Menu button for prices and contact info.

Much Love,  Beverly



Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places

Looking for love “out there” is the wrong place to start, that’s why it seems so disappointing and futile. Love is actually right under your nose. You had the power all alongYou are never without it because Love is that special quantum particle you’re made of. It’s coursing through your veins, your muscles, gut and DNA. It’s your life force, work force, creative force, joy force and radiates from you. Love is the miracle you put into play with each breath. 

Experimenting 101

Whether we call it Source, God, Higher Consciousness, the Universe or an energy field of infinite possibilities, it’s here, and its here to be used. Just talking and theorizing doesn’t get things rolling.

I invite you to experiment.  See what can be created or put into action. Maybe start small and increase with each experiment until we’re going beyond anything we ever knew possible. We can start simple by asking for a surprise, a special, unusual something to appear as confirmation within 24 hours. experiment It would be fun to read here the variety of things that happen. And maybe for our second experiment we could ask for something specific to show up, maybe something that has been lost, or a certain color of feather or butterfly or vehicle, or something financially related. Remember not to get caught up in seriousness or heaviness. Approach the experiments with fun, creativity and play and we’ll see what we discover in the process.  

Leave a comment and lets share with one another the interesting things that happen.