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I love it. “Open up your heart and let the sun shine in.” Actually Jupiter IS aligned today with Mars; they are right together at 6 degrees Cancer (home, family, security). And we have a full moon in Aquarius today with our next full moon also in Aquarius (rebel with a cause to make the world a better place). Two consecutive full moons in the same sign don’t happen very often. Bottom line, no matter what kind of “shake up” is hitting the fan, strive to stay balanced, centered and in heart-alignment. Be the Peace.

This summer is a journey through our feelings. Have you already noticed that?

Today is a New Moon in Cancer along with Jupiter and Mercury (retrograde) with Mars soon joining the group.  Mercury retrograde in this sign highlights unresolved feelings which are rooted in the past; home, family and childhood. If we didn’t feel safe, protected, loved and/or nurtured it could definitely show up now.

New Moon energy is about new beginnings; how do we want to live as we move forward. Going into blame and shame over what showed up from the past would be a waste of good energy. All of this activity in Cancer forms a grand water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. In other words, a little effort will go a long way toward what we want to forgive, heal and release. After all, the ego screws up a lot and whether we’re forgiving ourselves or someone else, its an important gift to give ourselves. It keeps the body, heart and mind from filling up with toxins, disease and obstructions. Radiant Heart

Jupiter is the archetype for expansion, belief systems and higher learning and Jupiter will be in Cancer for a year. This brings an expanding energy that breaks through restrictions, in this case, as they apply to family, feelings, nurture, love and security. Pray, meditate, delve into who you really are, that pure essence of your being.  Love your self, breathe it in through every pour and know that it is yours always. And allow this higher Love to expand within you until it leaves no room for old scripts, pain and anger. 

You can also expand self-love and nurture by putting a couple of pictures of yourself, ages 3 to 5 is good, around the house so that when you see them you can take a moment just to say “I appreciate you” or give yourself encouragement or a heartfelt smile. Doing this every day can prompt healing shifts in your thought, feelings and physical health that are powerful and life transforming.

This is really about making peace, instead of war, and it starts within.

As viewed from Earth, Mercury is retrograde from June 27th to July 21st, moving from 23 degrees Cancer to 13 degrees before going direct again. This is a time for retrospect, a time to pause and take stock of your story, events and situations before proceeding.

by Adam Baker

by Adam Baker

Since this Mercury retrograde period is in the sign of Cancer, it will be colored by those types of energies, which are family, home, love, nurture, feelings and security.


by Just Us 3

by Just Us 3

When we’re juggling busy days and schedules, many things fall through the cracks that would otherwise push our buttons. But during the time of Mercury retrograde these things can re-surface because they need our attention and reassessment before we can continue productively.


To get the most out of this Mercury retrograde, pay attention to what shows up for review. The past returns for a productive reason. Re-evaluate. Re-visit what was previously overlooked and tie up loose ends. There is either something to learn, or something to let go of, and more than likely, both.

by Ignacio Conejo

by Ignacio Conejo

by D C Atty

by D C Atty


by YanivG

by YanivG

“Argue for your limitations and they’re yours.”           -Richard Bach, Illusions

You had the power all alongEnergy follows focus. We choose where to point our focus; on what we love or on what we fear, what we want or what we don’t want. Energy is impartial; it has no preference, it will build around whatever and where ever we point it. 


Me and Us

Chaos can be regarded as extremely good news. It can be likened to the labor pains that announce an impending birth.  The swirling push/pull of chaos can be really unsettling and scary in our daily lives with all its unknowns. But this building of energy announces a time of expansion, opportunities, innovation, epiphanies and new realities on the horizon. When life gets chaotic, we get busy and take things to the next level in whatever area applies; our relationships, technology, finances, workplace, home, family, government, schools, etc.

With our full moon this week, we have many factors representing swirling push/pull energies. zencatsThe Sun, Venus, Uranus and Mars are all in Aries, symbolizing independence and action. They oppose the Full Moon in Libra, an emotional need for balance, justice and partnering. With this set up the “me/us” dynamic is in the spotlight. The energies of Jupiter (expansion and truth), Pluto (power and transformation), Chiron (healing wounds and insecurities) and Saturn (structure and form) also contribute to the swirling mix. Are you feeling labor pains? Are you seeing these energies playing out right in front of you. We all are, personally and globally.

It does make for a great time of learning since we learn more about ourselves through our relating with others than any other way. And by others, I mean people, things, animals and resources. 

Its also a great time to gather the chaotic energies into focused levels of constructive thought, feelings, words and actions, which in turn births them into structured form and reality. Happy birthing! There’s a cigar waiting, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Relationship Dynamics workshop to be announced soon. Watch Calendar page for more info.

Starting Fresh

Early Christmas morning, I opened my heart and reached beyond the earthly roar of worry and busy-ness into the pure stillness. I quietly listened and the words came, “You are the radiance of Love for all Life, …even men.” Well, that completely cracked me up and TulipsI belly-laughed out loud. But through the tears of laughter and a ring of truth in my heart, I did get the message, the whole message. In that moment some long held pains dissolved away and profound peace and joy filled that space.

Funny how things happen, isn’t it?

Tensions lead to turning points which lead to choices. And with each new choice we have the same two options, choose from ego or choose from soul. bird in hand

Only one promotes healing, balance and peace.


Full Moon in Taurus (what I have) 

sitting opposite Sun in Scorpio (what I want).

The human dillema of duality…


Write it, Hold it, Birth it

We have a New Moon today and besides being a good time for fishing its good for other things too. New moons signal a new cycle, a great time for beginnings or starting fresh, putting those new ideas into play. At 8:02 am EDT, this morning’s New Moon was at 22 degrees Libra, generating a particular focus on balance, diplomacy, how we relate one-to-one and partnerships. This energy and focus has been building through the past week and you may have noticed it playing out in your activities or surroundings.

If some particular wishes, intentions or heart’s desires have been popping into your mind,  today’s natural energy alignment makes it the perfect time to write them down. There is something about writing them down that helps the alchemy process of bringing them forth,  out of the state of concept and idea into the physical state of being and form.

Right now, when there is so much negativity swirling around us, it is Vital that we each hold our heart and mind focused firmly on the positive qualities of life we want to see personally, nationally and globally.

I was raised on the Bible and I’m reminded of something that, as daddy would say, “hits the nail on the head”. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”  -Philippians 4:8

Spirituality and quantum physics agree this is the power we inherently possess. What we hold firmly and perpetually in our heart, soul and consciousness shapes our lives. 

Money Relationship

Ever think of yourself as being in a Relationship with money? It’s an interesting perspective to take and can yield important information to work with when viewed from that standpoint.

How would you describe your relationship with money? Does it play hard to get? Or constantly rocking the boat? Or maybe it feels like a complete enigma, beyond all understanding.

Our heart and subconscious are the keepers of this relationship pattern which began long ago. Even the thoughts and feelings of our parents were passed on to us and some of those came from their parents, like the depression of the 20′s and maybe all the way back to the ‘potato famine’. (I’m part Irish) This relationship with money became our belief system which in turn became our operating system. 

Well everyone deserves a healthy operating system. The good news is… Improving your relationship with money is an inside job and You have the key. Getting at the core, seeing what’s there, discarding outdated info and tearing down protective walls built around your heart are all things that can take this relationship from oppressive to enriching. Give it a try and let me know what you discover.

Note: For Tallahassee area: Healing Series- Activating Abundance starts Wed. Oct 10th. See Calendar page or call for more info.

Not in Tallahassee? Consider distance healing and coaching. It works great!

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